Stop Waiting For Others To Tell You How Great You Are!

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Most of us are quick to see our own failures and flaws than we are to acknowledge our achievements and successes. Can you recall the feeling of accomplishing something? we feel good about it for a few days or weeks, right!? But then we move on to new goals and new desires. All too quickly we leave behind the good feelings of accomplishment; we forget that we have even achieved those things. Our new desires and wants become our focus and we let go of the success vibration that was created from our past achievements. This is a complete waste of powerful success energy. If we focus only on the not yet attained, we unconsciously feed the mind the idea that we are lacking. We can reuse success energies from past achievements again and again, with very positive results. But it requires training, just like training a muscle for it to grow, the mind also needs training for it to grow. 

Go ahead and feel proud. Feel great. Feel successful. 

How to practice acknowledgment:

Take ten minutes out right now and write down every strong point you can come up within any area of your life, past or present. Make your list as long as you can. 

For 5 minutes every day, go over your strong points. 

I'm good at my job. 
I'm very creative. 
I'm a vegan
I can play the guitar.
I'm generous.
I'm a good dancer. 
I have a positive attitude. 
I'm a safe driver.
I'm fun to be with. 
People love me.
I work hard.
I enjoy life.
I'm a loving friend. 
I'm fearless, a warrior, brave, valiant, strong.
I support my family and friends.

Never stop acknowledging yourself. Never stop believing in yourself. Don't wait for things to happen - begin creating them. 🙏